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India boasts a rich heritage of spices. Every indian homemaker uses own blend of spices to create different and distinctive taste in various dishes. Long back, our mothers used to grind their spices manually at home and make their own blends for use in their cooking. In recent times, homemakers do not find time and resources required to prepare their own spices and are dependent on packed spices available in the markets. As a consequence, all of us miss that TASTE OF MOTHER'S COOKING due to mixing of various diluting material in our spices.

The founder of Fastlane Marketing, Sri Panchanand Das, inherited the knowledge of spices and their blends from his mother. An expert in identifying quality spices and creating different blends, he decided to make his specially selected blends of spices available in the market so that everyone may enjoy the taste of mother's recipes. At Fastlane, we initially did manual grinding but with time, we switched to machine grinding trying to cater to the demand of our spices.

So, when using our spices, we guarantee you the purest and best quality of spices with the blends that will make you relish your mother's good old cooking.